After months of preparation and a few interesting pre-trips that were priceless learning experiences I was finally ready to set off on my journey. I boarded the Amtrak Coastline in Santa Ana, Ca an settled in for the 38 hour ride to Seattle, Wa which passed through some beautiful places and really pumped me up for my ride. With more built up energy and excitement than a teenager about to be released for summer vacation I hoped off the Train in Seattle and began my adventure. I wanted to get as close to the border of Canada as possible so the next two days were spent figuring out my way from Seattle to Port Angeles, Wa. There is no way to sugar coat it, the first couple days were rough. I started out taking a ferry over the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island where I was met with 90 degree heat and the realization that I definitely packed to much. Pulling 60+ pounds of weight on the trailer, including a surfboard, wetsuits, fishing equipment, and enough Mountain House freeze dried food to feed a small army I pushed uphill and across the Hood Canal bridge and on my way to the Olympic Peninsula. After the bridge I took a wrong turn on to the 19 and was forced to fix a flat in a shoulder no wider than 16” on a log trucking road. Setting up camp behind an old high school in the small farm town of Chimacum I figured out my location and was in Heart of the Hills Campground in Port Angeles by the next evening. The next couple of days I spent adjusting to the weather, fixing flats and broken spokes, and the realization that I was most likely not going to score any good surf in Washington. Leaving Kalaloch campground one week after I got on the train I was still in bad weather and still hadn’t got a fish bigger than a pound; I was starting to feel discouraged but fortunately my body was beginning to feel stronger. I rode on and arrived at Lake Quinault to sunshine and no wind and spent the afternoon washing my clothes, swimming, and fishing. It was exactly what I need and I was starting to feel refreshed. Waking up less than two feet from the lake the next morning my spirits were high and I was ready to ride. I only made it 7 miles down the road before I passed a stream that looked to good to not fish. Within five minutes I had two keeper trout and celebrated by lighting off some fireworks I scored at the Indian Reservation the previous day. I continued winding my way down the 101 South and through the Olympic National Forest, Countless historical sites and Indian Reservations, as well as some of the most enchanting rainforests I have ever seen. While taking a break in the middle of a rainforest you can almost feel the life growing around you. Everything is so green and it is truly amazing. I crossed over the Astoria Bridge and into Oregon on July 11th and have been greeted with nothing but good weather and great riding for the last couple of days. Averaging 70 miles a day I feel strong and I had an emotional moment in the Siuslaw National Forest after summiting a 5 mile climb realizing that I’m living one of my dreams and that I am really going to make it. The first week threw some curveballs at me and was challenging but I grew from it and I am now halfway into Oregon and feeling stronger than ever. I have settled into life on the road and am starting to feel like I am truly in my element. Onward to Mexico!

**Big Thanks To Mountain House Freeze Dried products for supplying me with great food for the trip!

Mike Jorgensen



  1. Hi Mike, your trip sounds fabulous and I love all the photos you have posted. Be safe, have a great time!
    Gemma Bannon xoxo

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